Our Achievements

We are proud to share with you a selection of our past achievements. This list, though not exhaustive, will provide you with an overview of the projects we have successfully worked
on in the past.

1. Consulting

  • Advisory and assistance for implementation in an international project led by RTE and General Electric.

  • Project management consulting in the energy sector in France.

  • Design and development of tax optimization systems for municipalities in France (service directly provided by the professionals at FranPolInvest).

  • Mediation between French and Polish companies regarding contracts at risk of termination, resulting in a favorable resolution and the continuation of business commitments.
Substituts polonais LED aux tubes fluorescents éclairant la salle de Tennis de Table de Toulouse

2.  Commercial and Industrial Projects

  • Introducing products from a Polish manufacturer of high-pressure light sources, LEDs, and other lighting solutions to the French market.
  • Exporting vintage LED bulbs to the French market.
  • Creating, developing, and strategically positioning websites that are optimized for web browsers, tablets, and mobile devices.

3. Workforce

  • Our partners have provided temporary workers, including welders, for various French shipyard.
  • Temporary construction workers have been supplied for the construction of a hospital in France.
  • Logistics workers, including forklift operators and order pickers, have been provided for ISS and FM Logistic.

4. Subcontracting and outsourcing

  • Our partners have carried out the installation of wiring in ship hulls destined for the national navy, providing advanced technological solutions and high-level expertise to meet the rigorous requirements of this strategic sector.
  • Our partner has deployed highly skilled and experienced welders for the construction of containers, ensuring superior quality work that complies with the French industry's strictest standards.